Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My first travel

I absolutely love to travel. By car, train or plane, you can expect me there, wherever “there” is. By boat (grin), no way, although I love water and a nice beach. 

My first travel was to Switzerland, by plane, with my mother, and we were able to reach our destination with no hassle. Actually, there was some hassle. Thanks to this nice hostess and my personal angel, that very day, we didn’t end up in the United Arabian Emirates. Don´t laugh, in the late 70s, two women alone in Abu-Dhabi wouldn’t be funny at all. 

Today, 30 years later, when closing my eyes, I still see the fluffy clouds sailing an amazing light blue sky. I felt like a bird... and the world grew bigger!

Since then, my feet have walked over French, German, English, Danish, Moroccan, Spanish and Tanzanian grounds. And how they are longing to walk some more!

Many people start travelling without first knowing their own country. Not me. Portugal is just a beautiful country, one of the most precious in the world, I dare saying. Although small in size, it’s so diverse and rich!

I intend to post plenty of stuff that we, the locals, recommend to anyone visiting our country, but also my insights and suggestions from every trip I have done up to today. 

Keep an eye, blog-o-maniac in the house.

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