Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cheapest Hotels, Flights and Car Rentals in the Web!

How I Found the Cheapest Hotels, Flights and Car Rentals in the Web!

Who says we can´t have it all? And why pay more, when you can have it for less?

I spend endless hours online, working really, and I compare everything when it comes to holidays or travelling in general. So when I found, finally, The Cheapest Hotels, Flights and Car Rentals in the Web I was super happy. Nowadays, any saving helps.

I´ve been using this site to book hotels and flights for everyone in the company I work for. Truth is I managed to save a huge amount of money, and time really. Most travel sites of this type offer up to 60%. Well, this is no longer true, not that I know of. These guys offer 80% off, but the huge surplus, for me personally, is the fact that I can see what thousands of people are saying about the hotels.

Because I like facts, and I think you will do too, I did a comparison with Sky scanner, a big site, known for their huge flight deals (by the way, that’s their thing, flights, no hotels or car rentals). So today, October 3, 2013 I did a test just to show you all what I mean:
Travel Dates:  Going on October 5th - Coming back on October 26th
Route: Departure from Rio de Janeiro (SDU) - Arrival New York (JFK)

In case you don´t take my word for it, and you’re serious about finding the cheapest fares and crazy hotel deals for your holidays or business travel, just give it a go! If you want to compare everything in one single place, you too will love it.
Happy Travelling :)

Super Hotel Flight

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